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In the spirit of reviving restoring and refinishing — reusing and re-enjoying — our building is a true revival. It originally was the San Diego Curtain & Blanket Cleaner Company's, a commercial laundry built in 1914; the building was formerly a huge, cold, hospital-green beast that never had housed anything but laundries in its 81-year history.

Revivals on Adams - store / warehouseThey laundered pillow cases, bedding, table cloths, but their business was failing as no one used that kind of service any more. The building was full of heavy industrial machinery and huge pieces of gear. There were no floors, no upstairs area, no dividing walls. The windows were boarded up and there were no electrical fixtures ... we had to remove all that equipment. The equipment was auctioned off and we sawed thousands of yards of pipes off the walls ... the remodel took one month.

We went to work. We gutted the place. We've used beautiful old wrought iron to make showroom space. It's what's called found architectural salvage. A lot of old arches and pillars. Tons of wrought iron. Old gates. The flavor is very old San Diego.

The Entry Room
  1. Balcony from a 1930s Spanish home off Upas bordering Balboa Park.
  2. Church gates from an old San Diego church demolition off Euclid Avenue;
    mounted into our foundation by Luis.
  3. Light fixtures from a tear-down of a shop in a neighborhood mall.
  4. French street lamp top from a machine shop in Mission Beach.
  5. Burglar gates on front windows from dismantled store.
  6. Gates on front doors are old American 3/4 bed headboards and foot-boards.
  7. Revivals on Adams sign hand-painted.
  8. Walls are base yellow with one glaze and two finishing colors;
    border echoes the church gates.
  9. Carved wooden ceiling brackets from church demolition off Euclid Avenue.

  1. Exterior carriage lights designed by Mr. Rodriguez in Tijuana.
  2. Exterior planter boxes from tear-down of shopping center;
    plants found in various estate sales;
    designed by Jeff Campbell.
  3. Outside rear archway created from burglar bars off a dismantled neighborhood shop.

Middle Room
  1. Sunburst gates from 1940s courtyard of Kensington home remodel, retouched in gold leaf.
  2. Hardwood maple bowling alley floors from old Mission Beach Bowling,
    once under the roller coaster at Belmont Park;
    three inches thick, redesigned and relaid by Paul Barnett.
    Maple frame around bowling alley from Twin Hills Junior High gymnasium, remodeled, relaid by Paul.
  3. Walls glazed with grout water from front room tile job.
  4. Sconces from church demolition on Euclid Avenue.
  5. French garden house doors circa 1880, the pair found in a Point Loma garage, are hung in window openings.

The Two Small Side Rooms
  • Held the steam boilers and compressors for the old laundry which we took apart and auctioned off.

The Back Warehouse
  1. Cinder block sprayed with compressor: 1/2 water, 1/2 color.
  2. Original 1914 beams untouched;
    teak carpet drying racks untouched.
  3. Stained glass in back windows from church demolition off Euclid Avenue.
  4. Fountain from old drainage trough, original to the laundry;
    concrete columns found in Kensington;
    rocks from highway remodel off Mission Gorge Road;
    columns from church remodel off Euclid Avenue, mounted in concrete by Gus.
  5. Wrought iron gates welded onto original load-bearing iron supports from old shop.
  6. Artist's scaffolding is original laundry's ironing tables.

Wood Shop
  1. Counter was the laundry's sales desk.
  2. Work tables from drywall shop in El Cajon.
  3. Wood rolling crates from original laundry.

  • A hallucinogenic ten-hour spray paint job by all of us after masking the original concrete floor with tape every 16 inches;
    colors taken from French garden doors mounted above.

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