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February 2002

Revivals, one of the larger shops in the Adams Avenue antiques district, has been open for seven years. A year ago, Brian Cegelski, Revivals' original manager, became its new owner.

Since then, he has implemented several new touches and has even more planned for 2002. To better display items at Revivals in an accessible, clean and neat fashion, the shop was divided into designer-quality, themed vignettes, in addition to the main showroom.

In the Asian room, customers pass through a beaded curtain into a small piece of the Far East, where rare pieces, such as a Chinese abacus, are found. The smalls area contains figurines and a variety of glass-enclosed tiny treasures. In the vintage clothing center, an array of classic dresses is on display; while the garden area includes numerous items for landscaping needs — with a soothing outdoor fountain burbling away. The kitchen vignette contains a wide selection of flat, silver, dish and glassware. The retro room features several items that can transport customers back to their youth, such as posters from Laurel and Hardy movies and the classic Some Like It Hot to $1 LP record albums.

Beautiful pieces of furniture abound throughout the main showroom, including such one-of-a-kind works as an Egyptian coffee table in which the glass top is joined to the marble base by carvings of men on either end. Original paintings, including the works of several listed local artists, line the walls, and chandeliers, lamps, pottery and stained glass are decoratively added to give the vignette a "home" look.

"Anyone can identify with something here," Cegelski declares of this eclectic mix at such a variety of levels. An extensive resource library of Architectural Digest magazines stands ready to assist customers with design ideas.

Wood chest - green vaseCegelski is an ardent advocate of antique furniture, the hobby that became his career. He notes that Revivals offers an antique settee for $929. A new settee, constructed of inferior materials, can be purchased at major stores for $5,000. Even reproductions cost more than the original antiques.

"Which would you rather buy?" he asks. "I love the craftmanship and workmanship that you find in old pieces."

Merchandise is acquired from the average of three estates liquidated by Cegelski each week. His goal is to turn over the entire shop inventory every quarter. Toward that end, items that spend more than 60 days in store are red-tagged with marked down prices.

"My main push is to keep values at a good level," he says.

Merchandise is also available for rental from Revivals at a rate of 20 percent of listed sales price per week. Last summer, Revivals furnished MTV's Voodoo Lounge at Mission Beach.

Cegelski has watched many clients upgrade over the years. "They start collecting one thing and move on to new tastes," he says. Revivals is happy to accept trade-ins in such cases, as part of customer relations.

Revivals also carries its own line of wrought-iron products made in Mexico. Pieces are hand-crafted to order in forms that include a baker's rack, fireplace screen, tables, and bar stools — on up to a backyard gazebo. Turnaround time from order to delivery is one week.

As a service to harried shoppers, Cegelski maintains a Want List.

"People just don't have time anymore," he explains. "They'd rather stay home on eBay." He also is working on adding a shopping cart function to the Revivals website.

Plans for Revivals' future include a monthly or bimonthly auction at the back of the shop and a "bargain" area featuring all items under $5.

As a good citizen of its community, Revivals donates thousands of dollars in merchandise to several local charities each month.


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