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Most people feel that an Estate Sale happens because someone has died and the house is doing a sale for the family.

This happens — but the truth of the matter is that there are other likely times when Estate Sales occur:

  1. Someone is moving.
  2. Person is going to change styles.
  3. Person is down-sizing. (Moving to a smaller space, or the family has moved out and there is no need for all this stuff.)
  4. Or just too much stuff!

An Estate Service like Revivals is able to assist in all of these areas. This is a way of not having to go through all the memories of every item in the house. It's important to bring in an outside source who is disconnected from the Estate to price, sell, and organize all the Estate Sale needs.

Why should you do an Estate Sale?

The number one reason is that an Estate Sale can offer the best percentage of proceeds for the family. The family can receive between 60% and 80% of the actual sales during the Estate Sale.

Another great benefit is that you will make money on garage items, garden items, kitchen items, tools, hobbies and crafts, linens, clothing — and just about anything to do with a home done right — down to the old car in the garage. There really is no other way to make money from these items except for a garage sale. Most of the time garage-sale things will end up in the trash, or maybe donated to a charity if they accept those kinds of items.

Who goes to an Estate Sale?

  1. Antique dealers.
  2. eBay sellers.
  3. General public.
  4. Overall collectors / sale junkies.
  5. Next-door neighbors.

These people show up not only to see what is available at the sale, but to spend money. You will find Estate Sales to be very reasonable, even cheaper than a thrift store at times on most common household items. For the collectors and antique dealers there is always a margin for profit on most items, especially closer to the last day of the sale. The Estate company will take reasonable offers on items during the sale, and take up to 50% reductions on the last day of the sale.

The end result should be a generally cleaned-out home, with just a few things left for donation, and maybe some items being purchased by the Estate Service.

Every Estate Sale is customized around the customer and contents in the home.

If you have any Estate questions or needs, please contact us.

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