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Why buy or sell at Revivals?
— Good business!

Revivals is a successful, upbeat, visually exciting service-based store, both buying and selling with an educated vision.

Carpets, antlersRevivals purchases the top selection of used furniture, collectibles, and antiques in San Diego, California, and environs. Our success is measured by profitability, repeat customers, and our stature in the community.

Revivals is the first name in where to purchase collectibles and used / antique furniture — in our fun, colorful, knowledgeable, eclectic environment. We are also the first name in who to sell to for fair, trusted, market conscious pricing. We back up our mix of "happening" merchandise with a knowledgeable design-oriented sales force; a form-follows-function store setting which changes with current styles; an innovative marketing and public-relations plan; and a community outreach program.

The character of Revivals' business is based upon an appetite-driven ambience in the entertaining ways merchandise is displayed, the methodology behind our thoughtful selection, and our marketing to create, educate, and enhance the desire to own fine old furniture and other antiques. The wisdom of buying, and the value of owning, this used, well-made, and enduring furniture are just part of the process.

The pride of owning a piece of history, the perception of status, and participation in the excitement of a fast-paced, intense selling environment are also part of the Revivals appeal.

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