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The layout of website pages and the apparent quality of pictures vary considerably among viewers depending on their computer, monitor, Web browser, and version of the browser.

America Online uses proxy servers to store Web pages between Web host computers and your own computer, and severely compresses JPEG images (photographs and some backgrounds) to create smaller image files for storage and re-transmittal. This makes pictures download a little faster for you, but lowers the quality of the pictures. Because our photographs are already optimized for Web transmission, AOL users may receive degraded pictures with wavy or streaked faults.

We would like you to see Revivals' photos of antique furniture and other fun antiques, wrought iron, and estate sale items in their best light! You can click on most photos on our website to see a larger version! If you are an AOL user, you may wish to improve your image quality — if you haven't already done so. This simple change will apply to all Web sites you visit, and may be reversed at any time.

Procedure varies depending on your browser version.

For AOL 6.0:

While either online or off-line, open Settings;

Click on Preferences;

Under Internet Properties (WWW),
open the Web Graphics tab;

Choose never compress graphics.

For AOL earlier versions:

When offline, open My AOL at the top of the screen;

Click on Preferences;
Open WWW;

Under AOL Internet Properties,
open the Web Graphics tab;

Where it asks Do you want Web graphics to be compressed?,
remove the check from the box which states Use compressed graphics.
(Uncheck by clicking in the checked box.)

To see an improvement in pages you have visited recently, and whose images may be retained at your own computer, you may also need to clear your browser cache.

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