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Yahoo Groups - Join NowRevivals on Adams maintains two controlled, low-volume email lists via Yahoo Groups for our customers and the antiques community: Revivals Antiques and Revivals Estates:


For the latest news from Revivals on Adams, please subscribe to Revivals Antiques, our low-volume main announcements-only list with news of store special offers; interesting large acquisitions of furniture, art, and other goodies; and our free lectures on antiques, refinishing, etc.
We also have Revivals Estates, our low-volume announcements-only list with the latest word on San Diego region estate sales conducted by Revivals.

These are free services, and you may unsubscribe at any time. The information on these lists does not overlap; you may subscribe to either or both. After clicking a Subscribe button, close the Yahoo Groups window to return to Revivals.

Email Privacy at Yahoo Groups:

  1. Your email address is not shared at Yahoo.
  2. Yahoo does not send unsolicited email to subscribers who don't wish it.
  3. You do not need to visit Yahoo Groups, or set up an account.
  4. If you do set up a Yahoo Groups account, their form may be filled out minimally.

Email Privacy on our lists:

  1. Subscriptions are automatic — but are at the discretion of Revivals' List Moderators.
  2. Announcements are only by approval from our List Moderators.
  3. We do not disclose, sell, or share your email address or other information.
  4. That you are subscribed to Revivals Antiques or Revivals Estates is not visible to anyone except our List Moderators.
  5. Other members will not see your email address, nor even know that you have subscribed.

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